Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Download embedded swf flash file without any browser addon or software

You may often see some cool animations or graphics across the web. When you right click and try to save it, you couldn't. They are flash files. So what is the solution. Of course there are number of browser addons and softwares out there. But I think this is a much better trick to download the swf.

  • First open the source of the web page where the flash file you want to download is located (Ctrl + U in Firefox).
  • Now press Ctrl + F.
  • Type .swf
  • And thats it, you got the file name of the flash swf file.
  • Now all you have to do is copy the file name and paste them right after the url of the webpage.
  • The url must not include the file name or any parameter of the web page. For eg:- If you have a swf file flash.swf in the url then you may have to clear everything after and add flash.swf
  • Now the final url to download the swf looks like
  • Now run this url. Select File->Save Page as
  • Thats it, you are done!!!
  • This method will not work where the flash file is driven from an external data souce like xml.
Now, think you want to extract a particular image from that flash file. Its easy when you have flash decompilers around.


Anonymous said...

great technique. thanks

Anonymous said...

can you use this in ie 6

Hanush H Nair said...

You can use this in any browser where flash player is installed